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The fifth chakra is the throat chakra, which vibrates at the same frequency as the colour blue and relates to our ability to find a voice in the world and to express ourselves truthfully and with pure intention.

A healthy throat chakra supports us in expressing our true inner essence in the world and is, therefore, also connected to finding our true purpose in life.

The throat chakra is also related to our ability (or inability) to speak up for ourselves.

Essentially, the throat chakra supports us in our ability to be ourselves more fully and to communicate our truth with purity, love, compassion and clarity.

Physically, this chakra rules the thyroid, tonsils, throat, neck and shoulders. It is located between the collar bones, over the physical throat area.

This chakra is thought to be related to the moon and Venus (expressions of emotion, love and beauty).

If the throat chakra is blocked or functioning incorrectly, we find it hard to share our true feelings or to truly be ourselves in the world.

We may have problems with expressing our thoughts and feelings publicly, and in taking the necessary steps to break out of unhealthy work situations in order to follow our true calling in life.

We may experience persistent problems with throat complaints, stiffness in the neck and shoulders and even digestive issues (the result of constantly swallowing our true feelings).

If the throat chakra is overactive, we may find ourselves speaking inappropriately or speaking over others, desperate to get our point across because we feel generally unheard.

When the throat chakra is healthy, we are able to speak and listen with compassion and find the kindest and wisest words in every situation – words that will inspire others to become their greatest selves.

Location: the throat
Functions: Communication, confidence, self-expression, eloquence, fluency
Endocrine gland: thyroid and Parathyroid gland
Organs: thyroid, tonsils, throat, neck and shoulders  
Color: cornflower blue
Element: sound
Planetary influence: mercury
Identity: creative identity
Developmental stage: 7 -12 years
Basic issues: “to speak”, communication, self-expression
Deficient: inconsistent, unable to express thoughts, cowardice, unreliable, manipulative
Excessive: self-righteous, talks excessively, arrogant, will force opinions on others
Balanced: good speaker, artistic, centered, lives in the now, easily experience divine energy

Finding a Voice: Balancing the Throat Chakra (a short fictional story)

Simone was a quiet and unassuming woman who worked in her local branch of a high street bank.

She found her job easy and mostly stress-free, but she suspected that this was probably because she’d never really challenged herself or put herself forward when opportunities for advancement had arisen.

Although she had been working at the bank longer than any of her colleagues, she would constantly find herself taking a back seat in meetings and getting frustrated with herself later, knowing that she could have contributed so much more.

Simone’s line manager was puzzled by her seeming lack of ambition, but Simone felt bewildered about how to communicate her true desires. Most of the time, she wasn’t even sure what they were.

Over the years, she had seen many new colleagues arrive at the bank and rise quickly through the ranks.

Most of her seniors had once been her equals, and she was surrounded by young ambitious types who were destined to move up the ladder while she stood there watching silently and unassumingly, as life went rushing by at warp speed.

Simone shared a flat with three other people and would often find herself doing washing up that wasn’t hers rather than speaking up for herself.

She loathed confrontation of any kind and shied away from conversations that might allow her to reach more equal arrangements with her flatmates.

Inside she would be seething when they later thanked her for doing their share of the household chores but instead of speaking up for herself, she would shrug and say, “no problem.”

It was so much easier than formulating her ideas and sitting down with them to discuss her true thoughts and feelings.

She would rather find somewhere else to live than be pressured into speaking up.

She would rather find a new job than answer any more uncomfortable questions about why she had been stuck in the same role for over twenty years.

Simone’s boyfriend was always encouraging her to stand up for herself and ask for what she wanted and deserved, but when she tried to, the words would simply get stuck in her throat.

None of her friends or family members could understand what was keeping her from progressing in life.

She was a great thinker and organiser, she was hard-working, fastidious about details and could probably have done everyone else’s job as well as her own without even breaking a sweat.

But if she was ever asked to give a presentation or greet a visiting client, she would do exactly that – break out in a cold, clammy sweat, all over.

Just the thought of standing up and giving any kind of talk or presentation would have her feeling faint and nauseous and recalling memories of being told at school that her ideas were weird, or her voice was squeaky.

She once briefly joined a local gospel choir, hoping it would cure her of her fear of expressing herself in public, and for a while she had impressed herself with her growing confidence, and had even found that the sound of her own voice was actually not that bad!

It had a richness and depth that she hadn’t known she’d possessed, and she even began to imagine herself developing into a confident singer and, eventually, a more confident speaker.

She sang perfectly in tune and loved the sound of her voice blending with other voices and creating a sound she could be proud of.

The horrible sore throats and swollen glands that had plagued her since childhood began to disappear and her confidence was beginning to grow in other areas as well.

She would find herself occasionally making tentative suggestions at work, as long as she could make them in private, to her sympathetic line manager.

Her line manager, of course responded positively to her well-thought-out suggestions and asked her why she had never considered asking for a promotion, and despite the crazy sensation of butterflies in her stomach, for a while she actually began to give the suggestion some serious consideration.

Simone had begun to heal her throat chakra issues by following her inner guidance to begin singing – one of the most wonderfully freeing and fun ways to approach this healing.

However, when she was asked to take her first solo for the choir’s next upcoming public performance, she felt her old fears returning. It was too soon. She just wasn’t ready.

She knew in her heart that despite her newfound vocal confidence, this was just too much of a big leap, but she pushed herself and took a chance.

On the night of her first performance, Simone was a nervous wreck and she wondered how she was ever going to force herself to get to the venue, but she also hated letting people down, so she persevered and forced herself out through the front door regardless of her fears.

On the way to the performance, she could feel her throat tightening in a very unpleasant way. It was just like being back at school and preparing for another day of ridicule about the sound of her voice.

“Squeaky Simone, Squeaky Simone” echoed loudly in her ears, as she opened her mouth to sing the first line of “Oh Happy Day” only to find with horror that nothing more than a pitch-less, toneless and truly unpleasant squeak emerged from her taut but trembling lips.

For the next few months Simone was inconsolable about the performance and despite the reassurances of her choir leader, she never found the courage to return to the hobby that had made her so happy for a while.

At work, she returned to being quiet, unassuming and subdued and at home things were worse than even.

She became unable to even fully express her feelings to her boyfriend, simply insisting that she didn’t want to talk about anything that was happening in her life.

For the time being, her healing was postponed, life carried on as it had been before, and Simone remained voiceless, frustrated and unhappy.

If Simone chose to continue working on her throat chakra, she would find that her confidence in her voice would gradually return.

In time, she would not only begin taking risks in communicating but might also develop the inner confidence to take other kinds of risks, wisely viewing her perceived failures as learning experiences and opportunities to grow.

Her voice would eventually grow stronger with proper training and use, and she would learn not only how to express herself better as a singer and a speaker, but how to express her deepest feelings, wishes and desires as well.

In time, she would also find a way to give herself the time, space and freedom to connect with her true nature and life purpose and to discover her highest form of self-expression.

She would learn to enjoy speaking up and singing out and might even learn to love the sound of her own voice.

Healing and Maintenance of the Throat Chakra

So how do you know if your throat chakra is out of balance? If you answer yes to three or more of the questions below, it’s highly likely that it is.

  1. Do you often have trouble communicating your true feelings, even to close friends, intimate partners and family members?
  2. Do you suffer from throat complains and sudden flare-ups of laryngitis when asked to speak or sing in public?
  3. Do you hold back from saying what you truly think and feel for the sake of keeping the peace, whatever the personal cost?
  4. Do you lack confidence in your ideas and experience anxiety when asked your opinions in public?
  5. Are you longing to express yourself in a career that feels more true and real to you, but always lacking the confidence and authority to make changes in your life?

If your throat chakra is blocked, out of balance or in need of healing, try some of the remedies and practices below to help bring it back into balance and restore harmony and wellbeing.

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Meditation for Healing the Throat Chakra

Close your eyes and sit in a comfortable position with your feet planted firmly on the floor.

Breathe deeply and visualise white light streaming down from above and creating a thick, protective energy bubble around you.

Place both hands on your throat and breathe deeply into this area.

Visualise a soft cornflower blue light streaming down into the throat from your hands.

If you have trouble visualising, simply close your eyes and repeat the following words:

Soft, blue light, soft, blue light. Continue repeating these words mentally and silently, until you’re able to believe in, and possibly even see, glimpses or flashes of this beautiful, soothing cornflower blue light streaming into your throat chakra, healing, cleansing and recharging it with its true colour vibration.

Carry out this meditation for approximately twenty minutes or until you feel peaceful, recharged and re-energised.

Making a regular habit of working on each of your chakras in this way, using the uniquely appropriate chakra colours, will ensure that all your chakras are clear, energised and in perfect balance with each other.

Throat chakra Music

Future Care and Maintenance of the Throat chakra

As much as time allows, be sure to use this meditation to regularly recharge, heal and balance your throat chakra, but in order keep this chakra whole and healthy and your outlook positive and bright, here are some measures you can take to ensure the ongoing health of this chakra.

Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl Throat Chakra Blue Color
Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl Throat Chakra Blue Color

Healing Behaviours for Maintaining Good Throat Chakra Health

Start by using your voice in interesting and unusual ways, which might not be entirely familiar to you.

Awaken this chakra with singing, chanting, humming or by simply laughing a lot more.

As you break through years of stagnant programming with the help of these new habits, begin to experiment with speaking your truth in previously difficult situations.

Using Colour to Heal and Recharge the Throat Chakra

Wear more blue tones and include more blue features in your furnishings and fixtures, to increase your awareness of this peaceful colour and allow it to have a subtle influence on your mind and energy-field as you go about your daily routines.

Crystals for Throat Chakra Cleansing and Balancing

Lie down in a quiet room and place a few cleansed and charged pieces of lapis lazuli, sodalite, labradorite or amazonite crystals on your throat chakra area for twenty minutes or so.

Try this once a week until you get used to the feel of these powerful energies.

While you’re healing this chakra, you can also carry these stones around with you or wear them on a necklace or bracelet.

Lapis Lazuli Healing Crystal

Lapis Lazuli Crystal


Blue Sodalite Stones

Blue Sodalite Stone


Labradorite Gemstone

Labradorite Gemstone


Amazonite Hand-Carved Natural Gemstone

Amazonite Gemstone


Essential Oils for Clearing and healing the Throat chakra

Massage your throat and upper chest with peppermint, lavender or clary sage essential oil. Please remember to always dilute your essential oils with a good quality carrier oil before applying them to the skin.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint essential oil


lavender oil

Lavender essential oil


clary sage essential oil

Clary Sage Essential oil


Yoga for Clearing and Healing the Throat Chakra

If you’re a yoga practitioner and have no impediments to physical exercise, you might like to try the following yoga poses to help you to open, clear and release stagnant energy from the throat chakra area:

  • Plow pose
  • Upward plank pose
  • Bridge
  • Fish pose
  • Child’s pose

Remember that it’s always best to study yoga with a qualified instructor, and if you’re studying at home, please be gentle with yourself and go at a slow and steady pace that you know you can handle.

Sometimes we gain the best results from the smallest of movements carried out in the right way.

See the healing table at the end of this book for a comprehensive cheat sheet on all the tips and techniques that will help you to strengthen each chakra.

Happy chakra healing!

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