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The sixth chakra is the third eye chakra, which is related to our sixth sense and our ability to use our extra sensory perception and psychic faculties to receive psychic information and guidance. This chakra vibrates on the same frequency as the colour indigo and is located between and slightly above the physical eyes.

When this chakra is healthy, we are able to receive psychic information to guide our lives more wisely and with more insight.

In a more practical sense, when the third eye is balanced, we are able to see the truth with our inner vision, and with the support of this chakra we can see into a range of possible futures and make informed choices, based on our ability to predict the events that might follow a particular action.

This, in turn, allows us to make wiser choices, as we make plans and dream dreams for the future.

This chakra governs the physical eyes, sinuses, head, pituitary and pineal gland.

The effective functioning of these glands is essential for the effective functioning of our inner and outer vision.

This chakra is thought to be related to the planets Neptune and Jupiter (psychic ability and expansion).

If the third eye chakra is blocked or functioning incorrectly, we may lose our sense of purpose and direction, and feel unable to connect with our inner wisdom. Psychic faculties will be limited or impaired and we may feel a sense of spiritual disconnection. In extreme cases, there may also be problems with headaches, blocked sinuses and fogginess or dizziness.

Location: center of the forehead
Functions: inner vision, clarity, clairvoyance, psychic ability
Endocrine gland: pituitary gland
Organs: the physical eyes, sinuses, head, pituitary and pineal gland
Color: indigo & purple
Element: light
Planetary influence: saturn, moon
Identity: archetypal identity identity
Developmental stage: 12 -15 years
Basic issues: “to see”, intuition, self-reflection
Deficient: undisciplined, meek, afraid of success, oversensitive, schizophrenic
Excessive: egotistical, arrogant, manipulative, dogmatic, talks down to others
Balanced: nonmaterial, no fear, charismatic, total vision, master of oneself, telepathy

Darkest Before Dawn: Balancing the Third Eye Chakra (a short fictional story)

Daniel was a kind, hard-working man who was the head of a company that was responsible for organising wellness retreats around the world.

He was passionate about his work and put himself under enormous pressure to create wonderfully uplifting courses and life-changing packages that would bring healing, education and rejuvenation.

He loved his work, he ate, slept and breathed it, but he very rarely gave himself a holiday.

His work was everything and everything was work. Even while travelling abroad with his family, he was always on the lookout for the next wonderful healing modality, health craze or interesting accommodation and retreat spaces.

Despite his attention to detail, Daniel often found himself making silly mistakes, particularly when required to use his intuition to make decisions about business partners and new joint ventures.

He would often experience intense headaches and feelings of paranoia whenever the time came to make a new decision.

How could he possibly trust his intuition when he had made so many mistakes, and how could he even run a wellness business when he was clearly so out of touch with his own sense of wellness!

He often felt like a fraud and believed everyone else felt the same way about him.

He would torture himself with these thoughts at night and often had nightmares about people chasing him and trying to get at him – business competitors, leaders of enterprises he’d dealt with in the past and an angry parade of clients who felt his retreats hadn’t actually been all that life-changing at all!

Clients who probably wanted their money back.

Sometimes, last thing at night, he would see their faces and would attempt to block them out by listening to subliminal programming audios.

But their voices were always stronger and their faces more insistent.

Daniel was beyond frustrated. He seemed unable to tune in to the positive and encouraging sources of guidance he had connected with at the beginning of his journey.

Life had been much simpler then – just him and his wife in their cosy yurt, organising weekend meditation retreats and living on raw vegan food. He’d always been so intuitive then.

It was almost as if he’d been able to see into the future – a clear road ahead where everything he visualised was a perfectly logical and lucid next step from everything he’d created so far.

Now, when he closed his eyes and tried to gain clarity and insights about the future, there was just a cloudy haze of faces.

Despite Daniel’s success, there was a sense of pointlessness to everything he did, and there were times when he truly believed his work didn’t actually make that much of a difference to anyone.

Business was booming but what did it all mean anyway?! The momentum was gone, the sense of purpose was dwindling, and he had no clear sense of direction regarding how to proceed or what to create next, and why.

His headaches were becoming unbearable, and his sinuses were constantly having fare-ups and becoming infected, but his doctor could find nothing else wrong with him and put it all down to stress and overwork.

He advised Daniel to take up meditation and treat himself to a holiday..or maybe even spend a few weeks at a health retreat…

If Daniel took the time to work on healing and releasing the blockages in his third eye chakra, he would gradually find himself becoming calmer and more confident in his decision-making abilities.

He would develop a greater sense of seeing around corners and imagining what results could come from any planned actions he might take, and he would give himself time and space to consider his options more deeply, taking one step at a time in the execution of his plans.

When circumstances changed, he would stop, breathe and give himself time to adapt to the changes, gradually becoming more trusting, flexible and open to redirection.

He would gradually develop an inner conviction that no matter what choices we make, life is a journey of self-discovery and things ultimately always work out for the highest and best good.

With regular and consistent work, he would soon begin to feel more in touch with divine sources of guidance and might also experience an increase in his intuitive abilities.

In connecting with divine, higher wisdom, he would also begin to regain a deeper sense of purpose.

In learning to trust his intuition again, he would begin to envision exciting possible timelines, goals, plans and potential futures, which he would execute with skilful planning and a sense of fun.

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Healing and Maintenance of the Third Eye Chakra

So how do you know if your third eye chakra is out of balance? If you answer yes to three or more of the questions below, it’s highly likely that it is.

  1. Do you feel you’ve become unable to trust your intuition when making decisions?
  2. Do you sometimes feel you have lost sight of your initial vision and intentions in starting a career or project or committing to a life purpose?
  3. Do you find it difficult to sleep, haunted by strange dreams and fearful visions?
  4. Do you experience frequent headaches caused by fear, stress and indecision?
  5. Do you worry about the future but feel strangely disconnected from it, unable to make decisions based on likely future outcomes – just flailing around in the dark and making a succession of poor choices? Do you sometimes feel paranoid?

If your third eye chakra is blocked, out of balance or in need of clearing and healing, try some of the remedies and practices below to help bring it back into balance and restore harmony and wellbeing.

 Violet Color Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl Pineal Chakra
Violet Color Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl Pineal Chakra

Meditation for Healing the Third Eye Chakra

Close your eyes and sit in a comfortable position with your feet planted firmly on the floor.

Breathe deeply and visualise white light streaming down from above and creating a thick, protective energy bubble around you.

Place both hands on your heart and breathe deeply into the throat area.

Visualise a deep indigo light streaming down into the throat from your hands.

If you have trouble visualising, simply close your eyes and repeat the following words:

Deep indigo light, deep purple light, deep indigolight, deep purple light. Continue repeating these words mentally and silently, until you’re able to believe in, and possibly even see, flashes of deep purple and deep indigo light streaming into your third eye chakra, healing, cleansing and recharging it with an influx of its true colour vibration.

Carry out this meditation for approximately thirty minutes or until you feel peaceful, recharged and re-energised. Making a regular habit of working on each of your chakras in this way, using the uniquely appropriate chakra colours, will ensure that all your chakras are clear, energised and in perfect balance with each other.

Third Eye Chakra Music

Ongoing Maintenance of the Third Eye Chakra

As much as time allows, be sure to use this meditation regularly to recharge, heal and balance your third eye chakra, but in order keep this chakra whole and healthy and your outlook positive and bright, here are some measures you can take to ensure the ongoing health of this chakra.

Healing Behaviours for Maintaining Good Third Eye Chakra Health

Don’t be afraid to be an individual, walking your own quirky and unique path through life.

Trying to fit in with the rest of society is a sure way to shut down your intuition and cloud your inner vision. Be true to yourself and trust in your own unique vision.

Using Colour to Heal and Recharge the Third Eye Chakra

Wear more deep indigo and purple tones and use them in your furnishings and fixtures to increase your awareness of them and allow your mind and your energy-field to absorb their powerful vibrations as you go about your daily routines.

Indigo shades of colour

Crystals for Third Eye Chakra Cleansing and Balancing

Lie down in a quiet room and place a few cleansed and charged pieces of celestite, azurite, selenite or angelite crystals on your third eye and brow area for twenty minutes or so.

Try this once a week until you get used to the feel of these powerful energies. While you’re healing this chakra, you can also carry these stones around with you or wear them on a necklace or bracelet.

celestite crystal stone

Celestite Crystal Stone


azurite healing crystal stone

Azurite Crystal Stone


selenite crystal stone

Selenite Crystal Stone


angelite crystal stone

Angelite Crystal Stone


Essential Oils for Clearing and Healing the Third Eye Chakra

Massage your third eye with marjoram, lavender, frankincense and bay oils.

Please remember to always dilute your essential oils with a good quality carrier oil before applying them to the skin.

marjoram oil

Marjoram oil


lavender oil

Lavender oil


Frankincense essential oil

Frankincense oil


Bay Essential Oil

Bay oil


Yoga for Clearing and Healing the Third Eye Chakra

If you’re a yoga practitioner and have no impediments to physical exercise, you might like to try the following yoga poses to help open, clear and release stagnant energy in the third eye area:

  • Downward facing dog
  • Child’s pose
  • Standing half forward bend

Remember that it’s always best to study yoga with a qualified instructor.

If you’re studying at home, please be gentle with yourself and go at a slow and steady pace that you know you can handle; sometimes we gain the best results from the smallest of movements executed in just the right way.

See the healing table at the end of this book for a comprehensive cheat sheet on all the tips and techniques that will help you to strengthen each chakra.

Happy third eye chakra healing!

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