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The root chakra (sometimes called the base chakra) is situated at the base of the spine and is the chakra which is most connected to our physical lives on Earth.

This chakra vibrates at the same vibrational frequency as the colour red, and, therefore, absorbs this colour in order to give us the courage, strength and grounding to take care of our earthly survival needs and feel balanced and connected to our Earthly lives.

The root chakra governs and sends vitality to the hips, legs, bowels, intestines and adrenal glands – the body parts and organs related to movement, survival, fight or flight mechanisms and, in general, our ability to survive on Earth.

When the root chakra is healthy, balanced and spinning effectively, we feel at peace with our physical existence and able to meet our basic survival needs with ease.

There are no major issues with money or with finding a nice home and if problems do arise in these areas, we are able to handle them with grace and without panic or fear.

When the root chakra is in balance, we feel at home in our bodies and perfectly able to find enjoyment in the things of this world.

When the root chakra is blocked or not functioning correctly, we struggle to feel safe in the world and to meet our survival needs with ease.

We may feel anxious, spaced out and somewhat detached from our physical and material lives. We might also experience lower back pain, stiffness in the hips and legs, or even problems in the reproductive areas of the body.

This chakra is thought to be related to the planets Earth, Saturn and Pluto (Experience, karmic lessons and cycles of birth, death and rebirth).

Location: base of the spine
Function: Grounding, security, feeling safe, strength and wisdom to meet our survival needs, independence, balance, material abundance
Endocrine influence: ovaries, gonads
Color: red
Element: earth
Planetary influence: saturn, earth
Developmental stage: womb to 12 months
Identity: physical identity
Basic issues: “to be here”, survival self-preservation
Deficient: lack self-esteem, head in the clouds, procrastination, low sex drive, feel insecure
Excessive: egoistic, selfish, materialistic, sexual focus is solely genital, dominating
Balanced: grounded, master of oneself, can manifest abundance, limitless energy

Roots First Chakra Muladhara

Finding Your Feet: Balancing the Root Chakra (a short fictional story)

John was a talented man and a gifted artist. He was utterly devoted to his art work and would spend hour after hour perfecting his technique and his understanding of colour, shape, form and texture.

He had a sharp eye for things no one else could see, both in the natural world and in the people, places and objects around him. Even as a child, John had shown great promise as an artist, and at school his work had always been chosen for displays and special school assemblies.

John had been a quiet but popular child at school. He was friendly, kind and compassionate towards his classmates, even though he was incredibly shy and at times, even a little withdrawn.

He found it difficult to speak to new people and often sat at the back of the class, doodling or painting pictures in his mind while the teacher addressed rest of the class.

He was often described as a daydreamer and was known for bumping into things and tripping over his feet.

There were days when he seemed calm and contented in class and other days when he seemed nervous and unsettled.

John grew up in an abusive household. His father was an alcoholic and his mother spent the entirety of their marriage tiptoeing around him, ensuring that his frequent angry flare-ups were kept to a minimum for the sake of the children.

As he grew older, John began to realise that his family wasn’t like everyone else’s.

He never felt truly safe at home and he longed to be free of a home life that was fraught with difficulties and lack.

There were often arguments at home, mostly about money, and John was often caught in the middle of them.

As the eldest of four children, he felt responsible for everyone but completely impotent at the same time.

He was just a kid, what could he possibly do that would make a difference!

John made a habit of retreating into his artwork, his special world, and even though he often fought with his siblings over pencils, paper and basic school supplies, he would always find away to draw and paint.

He felt safe and secure, as long as he could make markings on paper. It was his way of creating a world where everything was always perfect and beautiful.

When John was eleven, his mother left his father and took him and his siblings to live with his step father, who was also equally abusive.

He wasn’t violent towards John and his siblings but when his mother would go out to work, John felt uncomfortable about the strange things he would ask of him.

He knew in his heart that they were wrong, but his stepfather would often threaten him if he so much as mentioned sharing these secrets with his mother.

Every evening when his mother went out to work, John’s stepfather would reinforce his warning and threaten John with future violence.

So, John kept quiet. His mother finally seemed happy. She was financially independent and was a hard worker who was frequently rewarded and promoted.

Despite his deep-rooted fear of his stepfather, one day, when John had become completely and utterly despondent, he asked his mother why she had to go out to work all the time.

His already exhausted mother flew into a rage and asked him who he thought was going to earn money and put food on the table if she didn’t.

Crushed, hopeless, helpless and trapped, John retreated to his room to paint his special, magical world and dream of the day when he would be able to escape.

When that day finally came and John left home to go to art college, he was overwhelmed with guilt about leaving his siblings behind and utterly distraught about the sort of life they might have to endure in his absence, but he was free now and he needed time and space to heal from the past and make something of his life so he could one day return to help them.

As he relaxed into his university studies, John was immediately recognised for every piece of work he submitted, but he still had a habit of bumping into things and often seemed spaced out and incommunicative.

He was unwilling to make eye contact and would often retreat into himself, preferring to study and paint in the evenings, rather than joining his new friends for drinks and socialising.

He hated alcohol, hated what it did to people and couldn’t stand to hear the way people would talk about being famous and getting rich, as if money was all they were really interested in.

All he wanted to do make the world a better place. He saw money as corrupt and toxic, and even despised himself for needing it for his survival.

John never saw himself as someone who was hiding away from the world; he saw himself as a true artist and, after all, wasn’t that what true artists did!? – they suffered for their art, eschewing all the trinkets and baubles that were dangled temptingly in front of them, in favour of an opportunity to create a better, brighter world.

Most of the time, John felt disconnected from the material world and yet he was also desperately worried about the future. To his friends, he seemed withdrawn and unfathomable.

However, he effortlessly gained a first for his degree, and it was unanimously agreed that he was a promising young artist, but he somehow just didn’t feel connected to his success.

There were many days when he wasn’t sure he felt anything.

His friends would often joke that he was like a being from another planet.

His hands were always cold, even in the most scorching summer temperatures and he had an air of someone who was always walking on tiptoes.

He would tire easily and often had a sense of hopelessness and distraction that only went away when he was painting, discussing art or watching art documentaries.

After college, John was offered a full scholarship to complete an MA program, but he was tired of studying and wanted to find his own way in the world and prove that he could make something of himself.

He found a job working for a graphic design company and within a few months was promoted to team leader.

He felt uncomfortable telling people what to do but it was his job and he needed the money.

He moved out of student accommodation and rented a flat a few minutes away from work, but within a year he was told that the company was closing and there would only be a small redundancy package which could only be offered to staff who had been working with the company for more than a year.

John had just reached his eleventh month working for the company and the rules were rigid.

Determined not to be beaten, he decided to set up in business on his own but somehow, despite his earlier success and his impeccable reputation, he always seemed to be either struggling to get clients or struggling to keep them.

Whenever he did manage to acquire and keep several clients at once, he would almost immediately notice something major going wrong with his car or that a large household appliance suddenly needed to be replaced, always keeping him at the same level of economic deficit.

It was almost as if he’d been programmed never to live comfortably.

When a distant relative died and left him a reasonably large sum of money, John finally gave himself a break. He was tired of working twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

He had to think of his long-term future. So, he invested money in some stocks and shares (two weeks before they took an unmitigated dip) and treated himself to a specialist art summer school with one of his all-time idols in the modern art world.

It was on this trip that he met Carol and began a life-changing intimate relationship.

He shared everything with her: his thoughts about art, his painful upbringing and his previous struggles with money, his recent inheritance, and his fears about the future.

Carol was such a great listener and they had so much in common. It was like coming home. In fact, after just a few months of dating, John realised he wanted to share his home with Carol.

Business was booming, as a result of the money he had been able to invest into advertising, and it seemed as if John’s life had been transformed.

He was overjoyed to be painting again and had toyed with the idea of putting on his first show or even going back to college to complete his MA.

For the first few months of living with Carol, John felt as if he had finally found the happiness he’d been denied his whole life.

He was still bumping into things, but he was even able to laugh at himself now, and to his relief, Carol would laugh right along with him… until, of course, the first time he noticed that she actually seemed to be laughing at him… just slightly at first… but definitely … yes, he was sure of it.

There was no mistaking that sudden change in tone.

Of course, it was very subtle at first, but John recognised the feeling immediately from his childhood – the feeling of being sneered at for not being quite good enough.

The feeling of questioning himself and telling himself he was imagining things. In fact, the first time it happened, he put it down to his over-sensitivity, but when he noticed it happening more frequently, he felt a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach.

The first time Carol screamed at him and called him a f___ing idiot, he spent several days in bed recovering from the extreme psychic attack and trying desperately to regain his lost sense of idealisation.

Of course, Carol apologised profusely and explained calmly that she’d recently been under a lot of pressure at work and that she would try not to let her emotions get the better of her in future.

John forgave her tantrums and spent the next two weeks making up for lost time with valuable clients and winning them back after missing a few deadlines, and for a while, things went back to normal.

The wonderful woman he had met at the retreat was back, and, so, he carefully put the episode out of his mind.

It took a while for him to notice that whenever they went out together, Carol would order whisky and rum and would inevitably keep drinking until she was fell asleep.

It took a while for him to realise that the aggressive shouting episodes, followed by ardent apologies and make-up sessions, were becoming more frequent, and it took years for him to finally realise that he was struggling financially once again and was feeling fundamentally unhappy, unsafe and impoverished in every way.

Eventually, when life became unbearable, he moved in with an old college friend and found himself a job cleaning in a restaurant, to make some quick, easy money.

Reassured when an online graphic design customer added a large tip via the donation button on his website, John saw this as a small sign that maybe his fortunes were finally improving, and he was sending good energy out into the universe once again.

He was later disappointed when the same person invited him to contribute to a fundraiser just a few weeks later.

Conflicted about what to do, John gave back two thirds of the original donation to contribute to the fundraiser…. and still felt guilty… and generally unsafe…He constantly worried about money and lived in fear of never having enough to cover his bills or feed himself.

Problems with lower back pain made it difficult for him to cope with the long shifts he needed to do at the restaurant, simply in order to survive. However, with the relationship with Carol now far behind him, he was free to make new choices that would move his life forward in a more favourable direction. 

His friends were relieved to see him trying to get back on his feet again, but no one could really understand why he wasn’t applying for a good job in graphic design, or reapplying for that scholarship…

With a healed root chakra, John would gradually learn to trust life again. He would no longer attract situations or connections that reinforced his feelings of being unsafe in the world, and if he did, he would trust himself enough to deal with them confidently and securely.

He would gradually notice that he was worrying less about money and, as a result, would begin to see more opportunities to improve his finances and his general feeling of safety and security in the world. He would begin to believe that he was deserving of good things.

He would feel more grounded and have fewer panic attacks about his finances, and it’s more than likely that his lower back pain would gradually decrease and possibly disappear altogether.

If he allowed himself to heal, he would begin to feel generally more at home in the world and more ready to enjoy of all forms of abundance.

He would begin to feel as if the earth was a safe and loving home.

Ultimately, effective healing would enable him to release his childhood wounds, build a firm foundation in life and move on to a brighter future.

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Healing and Maintenance of the Root chakra

So how do you know if your root chakra is out of balance? If you answer yes to three or more of the questions below, it’s highly likely that it is.

  1. Do you often feel spaced out and find it difficult to get grounded?
  2. Do you struggle to make ends meet financially, despite working very hard and frequently receiving lucky breaks?
  3. Do you often feel generally unsafe in the world?
  4. Did you experience childhood trauma that made you want to escape from the world, either literally or by using your imagination?
  5. Do you regularly suffer from lower back pain but have no physical reason, injury or condition that explains it?

If your root chakra is blocked, out of balance or in need of healing, try some of the remedies and practices below to help bring it back into balance and restore harmony and wellbeing.

Crystal Singing Bowl Root Chakra Red Color
Crystal Singing Bowl Root Chakra Red Color

Meditation for Healing the Root Chakra

Close your eyes and sit in a comfortable position with your feet planted firmly on the floor.

Breathe deeply and visualise white light streaming down from above and creating a thick, protective energy bubble around you.

Place your hands on the base of your spine or anywhere in the root chakra area that feels right for you.

Visualise deep ruby red light streaming down into the root chakra from your hands.

If you have trouble visualising, simply close your eyes and repeat the following words:

Rich, ruby red light, rich, ruby red light. Continue repeating these words mentally and silently, until you’re able to believe in, and possibly even see glimpses or flashes of this deep, ruby red light streaming into your root chakra, healing, enriching and cleansing it with an influx of its true colour vibration.

Carry out this meditation for approximately twenty minutes or until you feel peaceful, recharged and re-energised. Making a regular habit of working on each of your chakras in this way, using the uniquely appropriate chakra colours, will ensure that all your chakras are effectively charged, energised and in perfect balance with each other.

The Root Chakra Music

Future Care and Maintenance of the Root Chakra

As much as time allows, be sure to use this meditation to regularly recharge, heal and balance your root chakra, but in order keep this chakra whole and healthy and your outlook positive and bright, here are some other measures you can take to ensure the ongoing health of this chakra.

Healing Behaviours for Maintaining Good Root Chakra Health

If you’ve spent several years or even decades with a depleted or unbalanced root chakra, it might take some time for you to restore it to full vitality but rest assured that you can do it with patience and with regular use of these tips and techniques.

Spend time getting to know yourself as a physical being. What are the things you love most about the physical experience on life on Earth? The smell of wet earth, warm, luxurious showers with creamy, naturally scented soap, massages with essential oils, chocolates and perfume? Rose petals in your bath?

Tree hugging and walks in the forest, feeling the sun or the wind on your skin? Dancing with a lover? Curry and rice? Raw food concoctions or roasted root vegetables?

Think of something you can do regularly to enhance your appreciation of your physical body and all the scrummy things that only life in the material realm can offer.

Spend more time walking outdoors with your feet on the grass and the earth rather than on concrete. Hug more, kiss more, smile more.

Using Colour to Heal and Recharge the Root Chakra

Wear more rich, ruby red tones and try to avoid getting stuck in a pattern of wearing dark colours simply to avoid drawing attention to yourself.

Use more earthy, autumnal tones in your clothing and furnishings, and bring more of these into your daily life to increase your awareness of them and allow your mind and your energy-field to absorb their benefits as you go about your daily routines.

Crystals for Root Chakra Cleansing and Balancing

Lie down in a quiet room and place cleansed and energised pieces of red jasper, red carnelian, bloodstone or garnet crystals on your root chakra area for twenty minutes or so.

Try this once a week until you get used to the feeling of these powerful energies. While you’re healing this chakra, you can also carry these stones around with you or wear them on a necklace or bracelet.

Red jasper stone

Red Jasper Stone


red carnelian stones

Red Carnelian stones


Bloodstone crystal

Bloodstone crystal


Red Almandine Garnet

Red Almandine Garnet


Essential Oils for Clearing and Healing the Root Chakra

Massage your root chakra area with powerful, rich, deep, earthy fragranced oils such as: Cedarwood, Benzoin, Patchouli and Black Pepper. Please remember to always dilute your essential oils with a good quality carrier oil before applying them to the skin, and make sure there are no contraindications to your use of essential oils.

Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedarwood essential oil


Benzoin essential oil

Benzoin essential oil


Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli essential oil


Black Pepper Essential Oil

Black Pepper Essential Oil


Yoga for Clearing and Healing the Root Chakra

If you’re a yoga practitioner and have no impediments to physical exercise, you might like to try the following yoga poses to help open, clear, balance and release energy toxic energy from the root chakra:

  • Spinal flexing exercises, e.g. cat pose
  • Head to knee, forward bend pose
  • Wide-legged forward bend pose
  • Locust or half locust pose
  • Knee to chest pose

Remember that it’s always best to study yoga with a qualified instructor, and if you’re studying at home, please be gentle with yourself and go at a slow and steady pace that you know you can handle. Sometimes we gain the best results from the smallest of movements carried out in just the right way.

See the healing table at the end of this book for a comprehensive cheat sheet on all the tips and techniques that will help you to strengthen this chakra.

Happy root chakra healing!

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