About me

Emily miller

Thank you for finding this website. I’m so honoured that it might help you in some way on your spiritual journey.

In this website, my aim is to offer a comprehensive guide to the seven main chakras and to assist you in increasing your personal chakra awareness.

I’ll share with you a series of explanations and anecdotal illustrations, based on both personal experience and on fictional reconstructions inspired by experiences of chakra healing in my own healing practice.

In this way, I hope to bring this area of study to life, so that you’ll increase your understanding of how the chakra system operates and feel empowered with a basic understanding of some of the ideologies and principles involved in chakra healing.

Through these engaging stories, I also hope to illustrate the importance of our chakras in daily life – their influence on our circumstances, their impact on our thoughts and emotions, their ability to show us what’s wrong and what needs to be fixed in our lives, from an energetic perspective. If you’re an empath, you’ll be pleased to learn tips for strengthening your solar plexus chakra and adopting new behaviours that will protect you from becoming drained and depleted in this area.

With the assistance of seven fictional characters and their stories, I’ll show you how it feels when one of our chakras is blocked or out of balance, and give you tips and suggestions to heal the imbalances with meditation, crystals, essential oils and yoga.

I hope that you will have found answers to your most pressing questions about chakras and will feel ready to begin your own self-healing process.

At this time of incredible planetary change, as we go hurtling along the ascension timeline, incrementally creating heaven on earth, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if you were finding this website because you’ve recently experienced a spiritual awakening and have found yourself asking some very big questions about your life.

As an acutely sensitive empath, Reiki master, 5th dimensional energy practitioner and psychic development teacher, the experiences and tools I’ll share with you in this website will be based on empirical, spiritual perspectives and vibrational phenomena.

Some of us currently find ourselves in a strange position: one of suddenly waking up to an understanding of our infinite connection to all things and beings (a 5th dimensional experience) while still swimming in the symptoms of separation– e.g. fear, greed, jealousy, anger, pain, envy etc. (3rd dimensional experiences). Because of these schisms and inconsistencies, you might feel bewildered as your energy bodies awaken in this 3D density, and you find yourself becoming more sensitive than ever. You might suddenly find it impossible to spend time in certain places or with certain, negative people. You might even be experiencing what feels like physical pain from deliberate psychic attacks, or from various unconscious forms of energetic intrusion. You might be feeling drained and depleted in a way that you just know within your heart has no scientific basis whatsoever – in the traditional sense. You might feel permanently exhausted and utterly frustrated to have had several doctors asking you never to darken their doorsteps again, or implying discreetly that you might be imagining things…  because, in other words, there’s just nothing (physically) wrong with you!

My personal intention is to share these tools with you in order to facilitate your highest and best next step along your path of spiritual awakening and to show you that chakra healing is not only possible but can also be life-changing!